Atomic Science (AS)
Atomic Science @
Atomic Science Mod.png
Installation Method /mods
Mod Type Block & Item Modifications/Additions
Mod Author Calclavia
Stable Version for Minecraft 1.5.2
Download Link Adfly
Latest Version for Minecraft 1.6.2
Download Link Adfly
Build Repository? Yes, Manual List
Mod Dependencies
for Stable version
Minecraft Forge for 1.5.2
Mod Dependencies
for Unstable version
Minecraft Forge for 1.6.2

Atomic Science is a modification to Minecraft that adds in new methods of power generation, including Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Antimatter and Thorium Power. High-tech facilities like Fission Reactor, Fusion Reactor and Particle Accelerator are featured in the game. Rare items like Antimatter can also be produced in this mod, which can be crafted into missiles in ICBM. Therefore, it is recommended to be used alongside ICBM.

Other than providing energy, the mod introduces elements of nuclear physics into the game. This makes the game more scientific and realistic, as the mechanism of machines usually follow the theories of nuclear physics.

Atomic Science does not use its own Creative Tab, instead it uses the tab already generated by Universal Electricity to index its blocks and items.

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