• TwoTailedFox

    The direction of this Wiki is going to become a little clearer in time. It's become quite obvious that a number of mods either have substandard documentation, or documentation that hasn't been updated in quite some time.

    RedPower2 is one of the more obvious examples, and as of now, all of the images used for it have been uploaded here; articles are now being created for them.

    Beyond RP2, Industrial Craft 2 will be updated next to match the changes made in their Experimental branch. After that, GregTech will be documented.

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  • TwoTailedFox

    So, status update of where content stands as of Jan 5th, 2013.

    All Vanilla Minecraft items are now listed, work is now commencing on Industrial Craft 2's items. This is the rough itinerary for when content will be added as per my schedule, others are, of course, welcome to make a start.

    1. Metallurgy 2
    2. BuildCraft
    3. Forestry
    4. Modular Force Field System
    5. Steve's Carts 2
    6. RedPower2
    7. MineChem
    8. ComputerCraft
    9. Basic Components
    10. ICBM
    11. Atomic Science
    12. Mystcraft
    13. Extended Workbench

    We have a number of GUIs in place for inclusion in pages, demonstrating how items are made, but more will be added in due course.

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