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Diamond Ore
Diamond Ore
Diamond Ore
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 15
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Renewable No
Stackable Diamond Ore64
Flammable No
Drops Grid Diamond Diamond
Appears in Minecraft
First Appearance Indev 0.31 (January 29th 2010)
Experience Smelted: 1
Mined: 3-7
Name diamond_ore
Block Data Information
Decimal Data Value 56
Hexadecimal Data Value 38
Binary Data Value 00111000
Further M2-related information
Default Veins-per-Chunk 3
Default Ores-per-Vein 3
Further M3-related information
Default Veins-per-Chunk 1
Default Ores-per-Vein 7

Diamond Ore is a very rare block, only obtained from the lowest levels of the Overworld.