Firework Star
Official Minecraft Wiki Entry
Firework Star
Firework Star
Firework Star
Type Crafted Item
Durability 0
Renewable Yes
Stackable Firework Star64
Appears in Minecraft
First Appearance 12w49a
Item Data Information
Decimal Data Value 402
Hexadecimal Data Value 192
Binary Data Value 000110010010

It is possible to craft sixteen different-colored Firework Stars in total. These do not have Metadata, and share the same Data Values as the normal Firework Star. It is not possible to craft the normal default Firework Star. Whenever a crafting recipe lists the normal Firework Star icon, any Star color can be substituted.

In addition, it is also possible to create different effects with Firework Stars, as well as change it's shape; players can add both effects Trail and Twinkle to their Firework, but only one shape can be added, Large Ball, Star-shaped, Burst and Creeper-Shaped. If no shape ingredient is entered, it defaults to a Small Ball-shape Firework.

Attribute Ingredient
Trail Grid Diamond Diamond
Twinkle Grid Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust
Small Ball Default
Large Ball Fire Charge Fire Charge
Star-shaped Gold Nugget Gold Nugget
Burst Feather Feather
Creeper-shaped Grid Creeper Head Creeper Head, Grid Head Head, Grid Skeleton Skull Skeleton Skull, Grid Wither Skeleton Skull Wither Skeleton Skull, or Grid Zombie Head Zombie Head

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