Minecraft Forge
Minecraft Forge @
Minecraft Forge
Mod Type Mod Loader
Mod Authors Eloraam, FlowerChild, Hawkye, MALfunction84, Scokeev9, SpaceToad, LexManos
Stable Version for Minecraft 1.6.2
Download Link, Installer, Universal
Latest Version for Minecraft 1.6.2
Download Link, Installer, Universal
Build Repository? Yes, Build List

Minecraft Forge is a mod management system for Minecraft, that allows the dynamic loading of other Mods, as well as basic dimension, blockID and itemID handling.

Once a player has installed Minecraft Forge, player can install any mods that are compatible with either Minecraft Forge, or Forge Mod Loader.

Pre-Minecraft 1.6.1 Installation

  1. Search %AppData% and get to the following directory: /Roaming/.minecraft/bin
  2. Open minecraft.jar in Winrar
  3. Delete META-INF folder in minecraft.jar
  4. Extract all files from the downloaded forge rar file into minecraft.jar
  5. Open Minecraft normally
  6. A box is popped out on the left bottom corner of game screen.
  7. After initialization, you should see Minecraft Forge, Forge Mod Loader and Minecraft Coder Pack installed in your Minecraft.

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