This is a Wiki expressly designed to not only catalogue elements from the official Minecraft game, but also to catalogue items from various Mods that authors have made for the game.

The eventual aim of the site is to provide a collective home for all Minecraft modding community users and creators. We also aim to provide social commentary for important events, or for important information, that Minecraft users should be aware of. One such example is the Web of Trust.

A core focus of this Wiki will be on accuracy. Items are to be named as close as possible to the name they appear under within the game. Uploaded Grid images are also to be uploaded with a Transparent background. Names of items available in the Vanilla game are to take precedence over the names taken by Mods for items. In addition, images of the various GUIs used by machines within the Mods are also to be used where possible. Where possible, Mods listed are to be compatible with Minecraft Forge. Where this Wiki covers Vanilla items, adjustments are to be made to the latest official release version; differences to the latest development snapshots are also to be documented.

We currently have 2,976 Articles and 7,754 Images. This Wiki is best browsed using the Monobook Skin. Please see our Naming & Quality Policies for Images and Articles if you would like to help.

We have an IRC Chat operational, please visit the HuskyNet WebChat Interface, and enter a nickname to to join us! Those using IRC clients just need to point their client to, and join channel #minecraft.

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