In order to create consistency between images and articled used for mod blocks and items, the following convention is to be used.

Mod Article Name Image Name Explanation
Vanilla Bread Grid Bread.png Vanilla takes precedence. There should be very few conflicting articles.
Industrial Craft 2 Copper Ore (IC2) Grid Copper Ore (IC2) IC2 is a common contraction for Industrial Craft 2. Using this helps cut down article and file name sizes.


Mod Name Suffix Exceptions
Vanilla None
Additional BuildCraft Objects ABO
Advanced Alloys AA
Advanced Machines AM
Advanced Machines (original) AMO
Additional Pipes for Buildcraft APB
Advanced Power Management APM
Advanced Repulsion System ARS
Advanced Solar Panels ASP
Advanced Tools AT
AetherCraft AC
Applied Energistics AE
Artifacts AF
Assembly Line ASL
Atomic Science AS
Backpack BP
Backpacks BPS
Balanced Exchange BE
Balkon's Weapon BWM
Basic Components BAS
Better Chests BEC
Better Farming BEF
Better Furnaces BF
Better Storage BS
BiblioCraft BIB
BuildCraft BC If images are different between versions, use either BC2 or BC3, whichever is appropriate.
CameraCraft CAM
Carbonization CAR
Carpenter's Blocks CAB
ccSensors CCS
CompactSolars CS
Chargepads CP
ChickenChunks CHC
Colored Blocks COB
Compact Windmills COW
ComputerCraft CC
Condensed Blocks CBM
Crafting Suite CRS
Crazy Ores CO
Crystal Wing CW
DartCraft DAR
Deconstruction DC
Diamond Buckets DB
Diamond Meter DM
Dimensional Anchors DA
Easy Colored Glass ECG
Enchanted Furnace EF
Ender Storage ES
Equivalency EQ
Equivalent Exchange 2 EE2
Equivalent Exchange 3 EE3
Expanded Rails ERM
Expanded Redstone ER
Extended Workbench EWB
Extra Bees EB
Extra Cells EC
Extra Doors ED
Extra Peripherals EP
Extra Trees ET
Extra Utils EU
ExtrabiomesXL EBXL
Factorization FAC
FarmTech FAT
Finder Compass FIC
Fluid Mechanics FLU
Forestry FOR
Forestry Extras FORE
Forge Ore Dictionary Converter FODC
Foundry FOU
Furniture FM
Galacticraft GAL
Gems+ G+
GemsCraft GC
GeoStrata GS
Gravitation Suite GRS
Gravity Gun GG
Greater Security GS
Greg's Lighting GL
GregTech GT
Immibis Peripherals IP
Immibis' Microblocks IM
Industrial Craft 2 IC2
InfiniTubes IT
IronChests IC
LanteaCraft LC
Lightning Ore LO
Liquid XP LXP
Logistics Pipes LP
Magic Bees MAB
Magmatic Furnace MAGF
Mechanized Mining MM
Mekanism MEK
Metallurgy Bees MEB
Metallurgy 2 M2
Metallurgy 3 M3
Metallurgy 4 M4
Metallurgy 4 MB
Millénaire MI
MineFactory Reloaded MFR
MineChem MC
Misc Items and Blocks MIAB
Misc Peripherals MP
Modular Force Field System MFFS
Modular Furnace MF
Modular Powersuits MPS
Modular Powersuits Addons MPSA
More Backpacks MBA
Mystcraft MY
Natura NAT
NetherItems NI
Nether Ores NO
Nuclear Control NUCC
ObsiCraft OBSI
Obsidian Craft OC
Obsidian Pack OP
Obsidian Pressure Plates OPP
OpenBlocks OB
OpenComputers OC
OpenPeripheral OP
Ore Dimensions ODM
Plunder Rummage PR
Portal Gun PG
PowerConverters PC
ProjectRed PR
OmniTools OT
Railcraft RC
ReactorCraft REA
RedLogic RL
RedPower2 RP2
Redstone Arsenal RA
Redstone Furnace RF
Redstone in Motion RIM
Redstone Lamps Plus RLP
Resonant Induction RI
RotaryCraft ROC
RPG Inventory RPGI
SecurityCraft SEC
Soul Shards SS
Steve's Carts SC
Steve's Carts 2 SC2
Thaumcraft 2 TC2
Thaumcraft 3 TC3
Thaumcraft 4 TC4
Thaumcraft Extras TCE
Thaumcraft Gates TCG
Thaumcraft History TCH
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects TCMA
Thaumic Tinkerer TT
The Eternal Frost Mod EF
The Twilight Forest TW
Thermal Expansion TE
Tinker's Construct TIC
TinyCarts TCS
TMechworks TMW
Tool Charger TOC
TrainCraft TC
Transformers TR
Translocator TRA
Tubes TUB
Tubestuff TUBS
Universal Coins UC
Universal Electricity UE
Utilities UTS
Utility Chest UTC
Vanity Blocks VB
Wireless Redstone WR
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition WRC
XtraBlocks XB
XtraBlocksEE XBEE
Xycraft XYC

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