Not Enough Items
Official Minecraft Forum Entry
Installation Method /coremods
Mod Type Inventory Management
Mod Author ChickenBones
Stable Version for Minecraft 1.5
Download Link
Mod Dependencies
for Stable version
Minecraft Forge

Not Enough Items is a modification to Minecraft that adds in a better inventory management system, and a way to easily switch between creative and survival mode while in a survival map. It also pulls a list of every block and item that would normally be available in Creative Mode, and depending on the options selected, is either to give you that item, or if programmed by the Mod creator in question, a recipe for that item to be made. It also allows the weather and time to be controlled.

This is one of only a few mods that goes in the coremods folder created by Minecraft Forge, to prevent the need for editing the Minecraft.jar file further.

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