A bunch of Skeletons during daytime

Skeletons are atomy-like mobs in Minecraft. They were the second hostile mobs added to Minecraft and have a subspecies called Wither Skeletons. Skeletons are one of the most hazardous, most feared mobs in the game (next to (Charged) Creepers, Ghasts, Wither Skeleton and The Wither) due to their ranged attack and tirailleur capabilities; when standing on a high cliff, they can easily snipe any players that are near with their bow and arrow, and some may equip themselves with Swords, Shovels, Pickaxes, Axes, Hoes and sort of anything they can find ! Skeletons can be killed by luring them in daylight, making them decripitate, unless wearing pumpkins or helmets (as seen on the image right).


All skeletons have a chance of spawning with a bow/enchanted bow, armor/enchanted armor and rarely with a stone sword. Any skeleton will have a chance of dropping a damaged bow or damaged armor they might be wearing. All skeletons will drop arrows and bones.


  • Skeletons are very smart and try to seek water, shadow or caves/mineshafts/dungeons/strongholds to prevent burning. With pumpkins or armor, they are a bit tougher to fight due to less damage inflicted.
    • Similarly, Skeletons will navigate mazes and labyrinths, solve puzzles, explore buildings and do even more smarter things to get closer to the Player(s), killing other Players on the way.
  • Skeletons can grab and use anything they find, such as armor or tools, or even a Sword, but sometimes they'll spawn with it.
  • Despite Skeletons, just like Wither Skeletons, being unpopular, they are still feared, as they're very dangerous, especially when a Spider Jockey.
  • There's 0.0.2 % that a Skeleton will spawn on a Spider, making them extra dangerous, this is called a ''Spider Jockey''. Wither Skeletons can spawn on a Cave Spider (Wither Jockey).
  • Fighting a Skeleton underwater or in a pool is a bad idea.