Wooden Axe
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Wooden Axe
Wooden Axe
Wooden Axe
Type Tool
Durability 60
Renewable Yes
Stackable Wooden Axe
Appears in Minecraft
First Appearance Indev 0.31 (January 29th 2010)
Notes +3 Attack Damage
Item Data Information
Decimal Data Value 271
Hexadecimal Data Value 10F
Binary Data Value 000100001111
Further EE2-related information
EMC 32

The Wooden Axe is part of the first Tier of tools traditionally available to make in-game. It is usually a player's first step in improving their Wood harvesting.


IngredientsCrafting Recipe
Birch Wood Planks or
Jungle Wood Planks or
Oak Wood Planks or
Spruce Wood Planks or
Acacia Wood Planks or
Dark Oak Wood Planks +
Birch Wood Planks Birch Wood Planks
Grid layout Arrow (small) Wooden Axe
Birch Wood Planks Stick